'Mayuri' means, 'peacock' in English.Our restaurant is proud to use the national bird of India as its symbol. The peacock is the most splendid of the pheasants. This beautiful bird is a native of India and Sri Lanka. The brilliant metallic blue and green plumage of the peacock, and the showy display that the male of the species makes, are a metaphor for the pride and beauty of India. Among the imagery in Indian art, a peacock always accompanies Saraswati, the goddess of music and learning.


What kind of Oil do you use?

We use only Vegetable oil, nothing else. We do not use Lard for anything.

Does the Naan have eggs in it?

No, we do not use eggs in our bread preparations.

Do you offer Dinner Buffet?

We do not offer dinner buffet, except for our Wednesday special dinner buffet.

What about the pricing?

All the pricing on our Menu sheets are current.

Did you know you could reserve the Restaurant for Lunch or Dinner?

Please send us an email with the details.

Mayuri's Peacock
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Whad do clients say?

"I have been to many Indian restaurants in this area for lunch buffet and Mayuri is by far the best. They have a wide variety of dishes available, not to mention the rotating menu of delectable desserts. Even when I lived in another state I looked forward to my holiday visits back home and a trip to Mayuri."

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Wednesday Dinner: Chefs Specials Buffet Nights

Find more than 30 new items of both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food every week on display. These are not part of our regular menu so dont miss it. The menus are priced at $10.95 plus applicable taxes. View Restaurant Hours